Jeg har trukket mig fra Viventor for nogle måneder siden.
Trods jeg gav en ret stor rabat på det sekundære marked, så gik der måneder før mine andele var solgt. Der var ikke nogen særlig grund til at jeg trak mig, blot den, at jeg gerne ville ud af crowdlending pånær Kameo (og et symbolsk beløb på Mintos for at følge udviklingen).

Igår kom så følgende mail fra Viventor

We are informing you about one unique and essential occasion which we want to share with you – our investors and friends. And the news is that Lotus 597 B. V., a Dutch investment holding, related to owners of Atlantis Financiers, has obtained 100% of SIA ViVentor shares from the Prestamos Prima Group, which had been invested in by international investor Oleg Boyko in 2016.
It is exciting news for our team, and we hope for our investors and partners as well. That is the reason why in the past few weeks we got a little bit quiet and had to concentrate on this deal to happen. More detailed information you can read below in the press release which has been delivered today to all our partners and media.
While being part of one group, we will continue to work with Atlantis Financiers on the same terms as with all our loan originators.

You are free to share this news. We look forward to our collaboration with you!

Andrius Bolšaitis & ViVentor team
📷Press release
Dutch FinTech investor acquires ViVentor peer to peer investment platformLotus 597 B.V., a Dutch Investment company, part of the Gielen Group that also owns Atlantis Financiers NV, has obtained 100% of the SIA ViVentor shares from the Prestamos Prima Group, which had been invested in by international investor
Oleg Boyko in 2016. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.
This change of ownership takes the ViVentor peer to peer (P2P) loan investment platform, established in 2015, clearly past the status of start-up. For 5 years they have now proven to be a reliable partner in the still growing FinTech industry. Despite all current turbulences in the financial markets, ViVentor remained stable and even managed to create solid opportunities for sustainable growth.
The new owner is convinced their investment will pay of: “We already knew ViVentor as a trusted Partner within our Group of FinTech companies and therefore decided to purchase ViVentor in order to support this scale-up to the next level. The ViVentor team has proven to us to be great adapters in rapidly changing environments. We are impressed how the management, led by CEO Andrius Bolšaitis, manages to defend the interest of both the Investors and Loan Originators on the ViVentor platform during these turbulent times. We are also convinced that this will not go unnoticed by the Latvian Regulator and ViVentor will soon be one of the first fully licensed P2P platforms in Europe.” says Sabrina Nathoe, CEO of Lotus 597.
The ViVentor team is proud their dedication to ViVentor has paid off: “At ViVentor, we believe we can move now even faster to implement our ambitious business growth strategy. We aim to become one of the leading platforms in the P2P investment market and one of the most trusted partners to both, our Loan Originators and our Investors”, according to Andrius Bolšaitis, CEO of ViVentor.
About Lotus 597 and Atlantis Financiers
Lotus 597 belongs to the Gielen Group from the Netherlands and is responsible for investing in promising FinTech start-ups and scale-ups. Among other ventures, the Gielen Group already owns the successful lending platform Atlantis Financiers, the credit scoring platform Paylex and the recently launched mortgage backed lending platform, Capilex. Atlantis Financiers is one of the biggest alternative finance and full-service factoring providers on the Dutch and Belgian market. Since its inception in 2013, the company has serviced over 3000 Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) in the region. From the start, Atlantis is specialized in financing SME’s in difficult or special times, when traditional banks are often not able to support them. The majority of Atlantis customers are active in the service or logistics sectors. They provide loans from EUR 5 thousand to EUR 1 million, always secured by collateral. Since 2017 they have been present on the ViVentor platform as Loan Originator, offering great returns and guarantees to investors on the platform.
About ViVentor P2P Investment PlatformViVentor was established in 2015. During the five years of operation, ViVentor has refinanced over EUR 130 million worth of loans, offering returns to investors of up to 15%. ViVentor now has more than 7,500 registered investors with 70% of the invested funds coming from Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Benelux countries. As a result of the significant growth of the platform, revenue more than tripled in 2019, allowing ViVentor to increase its capital from EUR 2,800 to EUR 1,530,000. Loans funded on the platform during the last year totaled over EUR 53.5 million. Out of these loans, more than 71% were consumer loans, 18% invoice financing and around 8% business loans.

Her er så nogle ærgerlige ting om denne Oleg Boyko, blandt andet om Ponzi Scheme

Wikipedia er manden branded som en stjerne

Pas på pengene!

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