Mine oplysninger stammer fra Telegram – Grupeer discussion
Jeg vil anbefale dig at downloade telegram og følge med i tråden.

For at masse-downloade pdf med låneaftaler, som kobler dem sammen med det beløb du har stående i lånet, anbefales det er bruge Chrome udvidelsen
Simple Mass Downloader

Den var let at bruge og virkelig meget nemmere end den metode jeg beskrev sidste uge i indlægget Sådan sikre du din crowdlending

Her er det der bliver anbefalet

Form to Start preparing for ​​law action (deadline : Tuesday 31 of march 23h59 CEST)  : https://forms.gle/EnohVkdtpq81tYMh7
Guys, Please stop harassing ordinary employees. This will not lead to anything good.

Facts we all know for now:*BAD:Fake Loan originators proved:-Monetria-Lion Lender-Epic Cash-Fake Prject: Promenada project -Former COO Vlads Filimonovs was aware of criminal activities of his bosses (He requested creation of fake Loan originator, proved with mails)-Many employees were fired (source linkedin profile and employees testimonies)-Former COO Vlads Filimonovs was discussing in this chat, pretending he was not aware about fake loans originator, which is true, mails are in the conversation sent by him with instructions about Epic Cash and Lion Lender. -CEO Video really poor: https://www.grupeer.com/blog/statement-to-investors-in-response-to-covid-19-crisis/

*Not that Bad,-Monify Ceo (Real Loan Originator) Artur Geisari sent official statement to Alla stopping all payments until situation is clear.-Workers in Grupeer working, answering mails and even in this group supporting as much as they can.-CEO of Ibancar Confirmed they work with Grupeer and they will investigate situation. They also wait updates from us in case some steps are done.- Delays in the Withdrawal, last day we know something was received: 27.03 request done on 17.03

Open letter to Grupeer: https://colminey.com/grupeer-critical/

Drafted questions:1) Who is CEO of Grupeer? Attach video interview where Alla says brother is CEO2) Who are the CEO of planetacash, epiccash, monetria, lion lender?3) How many employees do above LOs have? What is the contact address, email, phone number of all above LOs?4) What are the Lending licence numbers for above LOs?5) Please explain why the LOs are not listed by Russian Central Bank in attached file?6) How many team members does Grupeer have now? Name the team members still employed (surely they can name important people legally?)

*If you received your money please, let us know when was requested, quantity received and when received. If you did not receive, we know, do not need to share.

Things to download from Grupeer website before it shuts down:
Account statement since your join date:https://www.grupeer.com/account-statement
Excel list of your investments:https://www.grupeer.com/my-investments
Every loan agreement:https://www.grupeer.com/my-investments
Screenshot of Identification screen showing that you had a Grupeer account:https://www.grupeer.com/identification
Screenshot of the deposit screen showing your account ID:https://www.grupeer.com/deposits
Overview of your current account status (click “Download”):https://www.grupeer.com/overview
METHOD 1 : MANUALLY WORK: Match your Loan agreement with the loan ID, if the web is down will be hard to know which agreement belong to which project.
METHOD2 :httrack.com. It will automatically download the whole website into your local folder html pages (which can be opened offline on browser, double check the first few file it downloads). No need to login to your grupeer account, all grupeer projects can be viewed without logging. It will automatically create folders and put stuff as per the website. Automatically will name the files as per the project number. Very helpful. Free tool.
*To download all your contracts in PDF simply: use CHROME EXTENSION CALLED SIMPLE MASS DOWNLOADER (worked perfect in Chrome, not sure about other browsers)
Addition from T kayne to associate loans id with agreement id :I just finished a snippet of code to automatically extract loan ID – agreement ID value pairs in Grupeer user area. For those interested, here’s a guide:1. Use an up-to-date version of Chrome or Opera. Firefox will probably work just as well.2. Load url https://pastebin.com/raw/vzYriL6j and select & copy the code.3. Log in your Grupeer account and go to My Investments area.4. Delete Grupeer url from the browser address bar and paste the code there. While still in edit mode,

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