My boat is a Contessa 28 from 1980. I’ve had it for about four years and the biggest improvement I’ve made is a new furling system and a big new furling genoa.
An old boat is easily a full-time job to keep floating and spif, so I am very committed to keeping it floating.
Before 1990, the boat was given a splendid Nanimotor that is extremely reliable and reasonably easy to keep up with.

My goal with the boat is to enjoy life on the water and in the harbor. I do however have a special fondness for hard physical maintenance work and love to get black fingernails as well as shiny finish.

In early summer this year (2018), it has been a major project to get the cabin painted since the veneer was very damaged. I do love the wood, but it could not be saved. So now the cabin is brighter and actually much more comfortable to live in.

I will, as far as possible, do everything myself, but have been pleased with the help of good friends and a boat builder.

My boyfriend (as you can see in the first picture) just started sailing, while my own career started about nine months before my birth in 1971.

My license from 1986

Here is a small video with my boat on my way up the first year I had it (the name is not changed yet).


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