Soaking is very fun, but not something you should let children do. Working with lye is dangerous, especially eyes and skin must be covered thoroughly, but breathing may also be affected.. Therefore, take a closer look at how to carefully match the etching hazard before throwing in my recipe!

Alternatively you can write to me, and maybe be lucky that I have one to spare.

The story is that I have troublesome long hair, that becomes dry and frizzy, but greasy close to the scalp in just one day.
Since I do not tolerate perfume or quite a few ingredients in various cosmetics products, I have for a while made hand soap myself, with very good luck. I was therefore exited when I discovered, that people have started buying solid hair shampoos to avoid the huge waste of plastic bottles. I thought, “I can do that myself” and yes I could!
I have composed a super good recipe that I have shared in the link below:


In addition to the mentioned ingredients, I have added some herbs that I am particularly pleased with.

It suits my hair type and makes my hair soft and full. I actually used it in seawater and it worked fine.
I’m really happy with my new discovery, and hope you will also enjoy it.
I use good organic oils so it’s not quite cheap, yet it’s a lot cheaper than the shampoo I usually buy, considering that a single soap bar of approx. 100 grams, can hold about 80 washes!

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